Leasing a property in Hong Kong is usually not a complicated affair but may prove to be tedious for the uninitiated regardless of whether you are the Tenant or the Landlord.


For the Tenant – whether you are moving within Hong Kong or relocating to Hong Kong - it’s about pinning down your requirements, managing your expectations and making a decision based on factors that rate high on your list.  These factors may include the property’s size, age, price, location, décor, furniture, views or maybe whether it has a balcony or a parking space. The process is more complex for the newcomer to Hong Kong, having to uproot from all that is familiar and adjust to a different and sometimes strange lifestyle.


Our vast experience and connections will serve as a guide to securing your new home; from identifying a suitable property, by providing orientation services tailored to your specific needs, managing the legal aspect of the tenancy to the moving in and settling in process. The aim is to provide you with as much information which is relevant to you, to empower you to make the final decision.


For the Landlord – our goal is to introduce a Tenant who is a respectable and responsible person or entity, who is aware of the Tenancy laws in Hong Kong and their responsibility as a Tenant.  Most importantly, a Tenant who enjoys staying at your property and will care for it during the term of the tenancy.


When exactly does the sale of a property happen?

It is the moment when the buyer and seller of a property is matched through a small amount of luck and fate intertwined with effort and ability. Seriously.


Of course, we will guide you through the entire process of getting your finances ready, the selection process, dealing with the paperwork and finally getting the keys to your investment.


We diligently research into properties that are available, keep both ears to the ground for new listings and maintain a close relationship with our pool of landlords.

If not now, when ? 

Eckhart Tolle


Property Management is a relatively new undertaking for Keywharf 360.

During the course of our work, we found that many Landlords do not have the time nor know-how to deal with the minor aspects of their property. We have devised a no-frills one-stop service -  personalised to your needs - to manage the process.

Our service includes but is not limited to leasing of the property to arranging renovation works, arranging for signing of the relevant agreements, setting up the utilities, handing over the property, prompt collection of rental, maintenance of property and renewal of tenancy.  We will keep clear communication lines with your Tenant, always making sure to maintain a good landlord and tenant relationship.


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